About us

Pinnanobilisail is an agency founded in Sicily by Amélie Panigai, traveler and Sebastiano Russo, sailor who decided to share their sailing inspirations.

Whatever your interests might be (culture, wine and food, nature), our company organizes customized travels on board private sailboats that are usually not open to public.

Are you planning an adventure at sea ? A project, big or small, a family trip or an extravagance? To make it happen, share your dream details with us. We will give you genuinely specialist advice.

Amélie has been working for five years at the french Conservatory of the Coast discovering the gravity of beauty without artifice and learning all about nature and the sea. Then she had the opportunity to move to Sicily in order to organise the first international garden festival in the Mediterranean. As a traveller and a writer, she shares her insider’s address book on and off the water with finest suggestions ranging from charming restaurants to the best trekking places, untouched beaches, the most beautiful gardens, little-known sites, secret museums, and the best craft stores amongst others. She offers her local incomparable knowledge and a singular initiation to the Mediterranean treasures. Depending on your wishes, she will do the paddling while you glide across calm waters, assisting you with logistical details and arranging cultural activities and thrilling adventures (special interest guided tours, wine-tastings, excursions on Mount Etna…).

Sebastiano lives in Sicily. He has been sailing around the Mediterranean for over thirty years. He began his maritime and human adventures on board the family boat and then becoming a professional skipper. He took part in several prestigious regattas such as the Giraglia, the Swan Cup, the Middle Sea Race. He is obsessive about the quality of the details and works hand-in-hand with the boat owners and the skippers to ensure that safety levels are maintained.

In complicity with Pinnanobilisail’s locally based team of passionate boat owners who skipper their own craft and offer their personal visions of the Mediterranean sea, sharing travel memories. Pinnanobilisail has forged privileged relationships and enduring partnerships with exciting yachtsmen and women, sharing the values inherent in every sailor.

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