Reading recommendations

Reading a  book while sailing is a pure bliss. The background sounds of the wind in the rigging, the water lapping at the bow are perfect accompaniment to any sailing story.

Here is a list of our top books (in English and in Italian):

  • The Iliad and The Odyssey. Homer is a poet and we are still leaving in his symphony. His epic poems are both beautiful and clever. They narrate the adventures of Ulysse, greek hero, sailing in the Mare Nostrum. They deal with universal themes and speak across millenium!
  •  Il mare di pietra, Francesco Longo. Every island of the Archipelago is described as a fossil.  Stromboli is the ancestor of a wild board, Panarea a gecko, Filicudi a triceratops. Vulcano is compared to a lion with its yellow coat while Salina looks like a camel with its two vulcanos. Alicudi is a kangaroo and  Lipari emerges as a crocodile. A good way to submerge oneself in the real Aeolian mood!
  • Tutt’atorno la Sicilia, Fulco Quilici. The renowned italian writer and photographer takes us to a Mediterranean trip around Sicily. We sail along coasts, small islands and gulfs and we dive into the depths of the Mare Nostrum. Instructive and beautiful.
  • Atlas of the Mediterranean islands, Simone PerottiWith stunning full-color maps and an air of mysterious adventure, Atlas of the Mediterranean Islands is perfect for the traveler or romantic in all of us.

And also : 

Magazine : Sirene journal and îlots magazine