Cefalù ≈ Ustica ≈ San Vito lo Capo

Zingaro natural reserve
Zingaro natural reserve / Photo Internet

The west coast of Sicily  is rough and wild, keeping intact some of the most beautiful natural areas around theMediterranean.The coastline stretches for about 150 km from the southern side to the northern acquiring its typical arched form.

Meeting place of a succession of civilisations, Cefalù is a cultural town preserving tangible signs of the many peoples who have lived here. The beautiful cathedral with its elegant cloister and Byzantine mosaics  is the most important building in the town. Cefalù also has sandy beaches, the deep blue Tyrrhenian sea and the landscapes of the Madonie Park.

The island of Ustica is the summit of a massive submerged volcano in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 60 kilometers north of Palermo. Since 1987, the beauty of the sea is under the protection of the First Marine Protected Area established in Italy, to which, since 1997 the Natural Reserve of Ustica Island has been added for the protection of terrestrial landscape.

San Vito lo Capo is a small town in Trapani province very closed from the great Zingaro Nature Reserve. The beautiful gulf of Castellammare is a varied and alluring coastline with stretches of flat, sandy beach, crystal clear waters, cliffs and coves and overhanging, mountainous headlands and San Vito is a small town which has not yet sullied its coastline with urban sprawl.

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